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Eminem - My Mom

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  • Длительность: 5:20
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  • Дата релиза: 15 август 2021
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Eminem - My Mom
Текст песни Eminem - My Mom
My mom loved Valium and lots of drugs
That's why I am like I am 'cause I'm like her
Because my mom loved Valium and lots of drugs

That's why I'm on what I'm on 'cause I'm my mom
My mom, my mom, I know you're probably tired
Of hearin' 'bout my mom, oh-ho, whoa-ho
But this is just a story of when I was just a shorty
And how I became hooked on Va-aliu-um

Valium was in everything, food that I ate
The water that I drank, fuckin' peas in my plate
She sprinkled just enough of it to season my steak
So every day I'd have at least three stomachaches
Now tell me, what kind of mother would want to see her
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