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Megan Thee Stallion - Cognac Queen

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  • Длительность: 3:43
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  • Дата релиза: 21 август 2021
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Megan Thee Stallion - Cognac Queen
Текст песни Megan Thee Stallion - Cognac Queen
I woke up paid and pretty (Yeah)
Hair hangin' down to my back (Huh)
I put it on him last night (Woo)
He callin' me back to back (Hey)
Bitch, this a new outfit (Huh)
Turn to the back for a pic (Huh)
Cognac Queen, I'm lit (Woo)
Henn dawg, henn dawg, henn dawg, henn dawg
She pullin' up with a forty (A forty)
I'm pullin' up with a shorty (A shorty)
I'm fresh off the plane, I'm imported (Imported)
I'm fuckin' a baller, we courting
I'm makin' it clap, he record it (Damn)
And he keep on makin' them noises (Yeah)
Damn, fuck (Fuck), shit (Ooh), ooh (Yeah)
Drop me a pin, where you at? (At)
I'ma come 'round like a lac (A lac)
I get in my act on that yac (Yeah)
He call me Megan the Mack
It's turnin' him on how I rap
He doggin' it, I'll make it fat
And he tell me "Girl, you the best"
But I already know what I am, yeah, yeah
He know I only wanna come over put it on him
I got that woah-na-na-na, he drink that shit like water
I got that supernova, that super grip, that choker
I got that ditch yo' bitch (What?), tell her I'm comin' over

I'm in my act, I wanna dance
I'm on that yac, I wanna dance
Come get your man before I put him in a trance
I'm in my act, I'm on that yac
I wanna dance, come get your man, come get your man (Ayy, ayy, yeah)

Cognac Queen, huh, Cognac Queen, ayy
Fuck is you saying? Fuck do you mean?
I get on that yac, then I lean, ayy
Cognac Queen, uh, Cognac Queen, huh
Together forever when we on the drink
Fuck it, I don't wanna think

Top down when I ride (Down when I ride)
Gettin' high like a five (High like a five)
Bitch, I pull up on your boo (Bitch, I pull up on your boo)
Tell his ass "Get inside"
Let a real bitch slide
Got him drinking nine to five (Yeah)
He know that I'm droppin' that game
But I'm not gon' tell him a lie (Uh-uh)
Drank, drank, I been drankin'
I hit you up when I’m faded
I know you're tired of me playin'
I call you back to back, call you back
Until you call me, call me back, baby (Mwah)
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