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ReMix Kings - Low (Ремикс)

  • Формат: MP3
  • Жанр: Новинки
  • Длительность: 5:21
  • Размер: 12.34 MB
  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Дата релиза: 24 август 2021
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ReMix Kings - Low (Ремикс)
Текст песни ReMix Kings - Low (Ремикс)
EPMD we back in business
I visualize what is it, not what is isn't
We at the mafia table next to the kitchen
Eatin' Michelin Stars, coutin' a million
I let it go for the family meetings, and coated Miami, the wine bottles on Maggie-extra large
Sign up for my master class, Escobar
Feed up and met Sadie, I'm at my restaurant
Clouded from hazy the daily, she know my thoughts get crazy
My teachers they couldn't grade me, I know some Haitians in Dave County
Got choppas in Haiti, she booked a flight to Colombia
I made her body amazing, just to post it on tumblr
This that fu*kup the summer shit, I don't care what you comin' with
We in here boy, running shit
Big dough, gold chains, but they flooded now
Pull with the ghost like a haunted house
She gettin' scary blood on my hands, like 'Carrie'
Might walk through a cemetery and see where Hip-Hop is buried
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