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Mashonda - Love changes

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  • Формат: MP3
  • Жанр: Новинки
  • Длительность: 2:43
  • Размер: 2.6 MB
  • Качество: 128 kbps
  • Дата релиза: 10 октябрь 2021
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Mashonda - Love changes
Текст песни Mashonda - Love changes
Go this full surface blend right here, this is mashonda
Mashonda y'all
Full surface
It's going down boy swizz beats
What up Ike

honey i see you looking at me
i'm ready to go in you will
if you want me
cause baby, there's no one
that makes, me smile
the way that
you do
you wanna account

baby if you wanted me
then you will see, I'm all you need

baby just take my hand
and you will be, my only man
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