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The Living Tombstone - My Ordinary Life

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  • Длительность: 3:51
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  • Дата релиза: 13 апрель 2021
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The Living Tombstone - My Ordinary Life
Текст песни The Living Tombstone - My Ordinary Life
Do you feel me? Take a look inside my brain
The people always different but it always feels the same
That's the real me, pop the champagne
The haters wanna hurt me, and I'm laughin' at the pain

Stayin' still, eyes closed
Let the world just pass me by
Pain pills, nice clothes
If I fall, I think I'll fly
Touch me, Midas
Make me part of your design
None to guide us
I feel fear for the very last time

xThey tell me that I'm special, I smile and shake my head
I'll give them stories to tell friends about the things I said
They tell me I’m so humble, I say I'm turning red
They let me lie to them and don’t feel like they've been misled
They give so much to me, I'm losing touch, get me?
Served on a silver platter, ask for seconds, they just let me
They tell me I'm a God, I'm lost in the façade
Six feet off the ground at all times, I think I'm feelin' odd
No matter what I make, they never see mistakes
Makin' so much bread, I don't care that they're just being fake
They tell me they're below me, I act like I'm above
The people blend together, but I would be lost without their love
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